Short Announcement

Short Announcement

in The Midnight Cup of Coffee


Hello, there!

I’ve been working on a very personal project and I will continue on it for a while, you will probably find out more about it in December or so.

You’ve probably noticed that my presence on the blog has been limited, but don’t worry – I am still around, I still read (books and your comments) and this will never change. I will try to post reviews more often, though shorter and less in detail compared to what I’m used to (after all this might be better than no posts at all).. Well, not that my reviews tell that much about the stories, in fact they usually touch the impact they have on me, but I simply love talking about the stories I love.

The thing is.. I hope to still see you around.
The number of likes (♥) on the reviews has increased so much since I last checked and it makes me happy to see that so many people enjoy reading my thoughts. Thank you deeply!

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