Review Policy

Due to my focus on my private life right now, I might not be able to read and review ARCs by request (you can still ask me though), but I can still host guest posts on the blog, so feel free to contact me for that. Thanks for your patience, I will be back in no time!

Let’s talk about books!

I read for the pleasure of it and I am happy to find new books and to help promote new authors & books. Even though my reading time is pretty limited, I do accept (from time to time) requests for review – when I feel that I might enjoy a particular story.

This being said, I also hold the right to turn down a book that I am not interested in and I will not guarantee a positive review, even though the story sounds amazing at a first glance.


Book Formats Accepted:

Bound books, ARCS/Uncorrected Proof Copies, eBooks.

If an ARC is provided, I will not give it away or resell it (unless it’s been given to me to be used in a giveaway or a contest).

If you are asking me to review a book that is part of a series, I would really appreciate you supplying me with any previous books in the series or check that I have read the previous books. Reviews will, of course, be posted for all books received in that series.


I blog because I read, I don’t read because I blog…


 The Review Process:

I will take the time to write full reviews for books with ratings equal with or higher than 3 stars (because reviews take time and I prefer spending mine reading or recommending great books, instead of speaking about something that I didn’t enjoy); but in exceptional circumstances I might post reviews for books with lower ratings just as well, but only if I get to finish reading them.

My reviews will always represent my honest opinions and my personal tastes, and they will not be influenced by the origin of the book (the way I acquired it), or the authors’ behaviour on the social media (either positive or negative).

I currently have an abundance of reading material, so please be aware that I might not be able to give you an exact date for when the review will be posted.

Other Promotional Choices:

I can feature guest posts or take part in blog tours, as long as I think that a story is worth spreading the word about, and if it’s similar with what I usually read and recommend.

A GUEST POST would be a short article that you write exclusively for my readers, a post in which you can tell them anything you like about your story (or yourself), the characters, the writing process, etc; in which you can also feature book excerpts or giveaways to pique their attention.


 Review Imagery Policy

I love photography and sometimes, for a better visual effect, I feel the need to express my love for books in pictures and illustrations.

Some of the graphics displayed belong to me, but the ones that are not my own creation have usually links to the source where I got the image from. If one of your works is up on this website & you want it removed, for any reason, please send me an email with this request.

If, as an author, you have images that might reflect the story your wrote and want them featured in my review / your guest post, please send them to me.

Feel free to contact me for any request, complaint, praise or simply because you feel like it.

Thanks for your interest!