Books from Then & Now

There are so many books coming out at all times and we always pin for the ones that are not out yet. We have so many on our shelves and we still want to get some more.

This section of the blog will focus on the books released on each month during the past 5 years + the current one – books I wanted, books you wanted, books we might have forgotten all about them… But not anymore.

Let’s travel back in time and pick the next book to read from our old wish-lists ;)

The month of new beginnings
In Books from Then & Now

Let’s go back in time!   …See the books we were most eager to have – books we dreamt about and/or books we never got the chance to read.. yet. Let’s remember the books that were on our most-anticipated lists, because let’s face it.. they must have been there for a reason. And, who knows, maybe some of these gems will still appeal…

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