About The Author

Paula Stokes

Paula Stokes is half writer, half RN, and totally thrilled to be part of the world of YA literature. She grew up in St. Louis, Missouri where she’s managed to persuade fancy universities to award her degrees in psychology and nursing. Between her studies, she traveled around five continents and spent time living in Thailand and South Korea (which is probably why she finds the idea of wearing shoes in the house a little weird).

When she’s not writing, she’s kayaking, hiking, reading, or seeking out new adventures in faraway lands. She is somewhat obsessive about coffee, music, and adventure sports. Her future goals include swimming with great white sharks and writing a whole slew of novels, not necessarily in that order.

Paula also writes under the pseudonym Fiona Paul.

Q: What do you think are the best books ever written?

A: “Here are some of the books I love love love love: the Harry Potter books, Going Bovine, Along for the Ride, The Truth About Forever, Divergent, White Cat, Red Glove, Black Heart, This is Not a Test, The Collector, What’s Left of Me, Same Difference, Black City, Five Flavors of Dumb, Malice, Audrey Wait, A Tale of Two Centuries, Holes, Walk Two Moons, Bridge to Terabithia, and almost everything by Dean Koontz.”


This is How it Happened
By Paula Stokes

It pains me to give such a low rating to this book, because – even though I did not enjoy the storyline and the main character as I should have – the message behind this book is incredibly powerful and important. We live in a world where people hide behind their keyboards, throwing hate around like knifes. They cut deep…

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Book #1 in Vicarious Series
By Paula Stokes

I am in awe! Let’s make things clear from the beginning. I loved The Art of Lainey, it was romantic and cute and so much fun.. but this one here, this is even better. So dark, so twisted, so amazing! Such a fantastic read, I can’t wait for book two and I can’t recommend it enough! I love,…

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The Art of Lainey
By Paula Stokes

Beautiful, adorable, unexpectedly cute The Art of Lainey has the right amount of fluff matching the perfect amount of emotion. I read this book quite a while ago, but didn’t get the chance to fully review it, which is actually a shame because it is such an amazingly fun story and it deserves all the attention it gets (many of…

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