by Alexandra Monir


Music can draw us back into memories, moments, and places, and in Timeless, debut author and recording artist Alexandra Monir transports readers into the glamorous Gilded Age and Roaring Twenties with soulful lyrics and swooning jazz tones. Alexandra wrote two original songs for Timeless, the lyrics of which are trickled throughout the book, slowly revealing a decades-old family mystery. In Timeless, we are introduced to Michele Windsor, one of the modern bluebloods of the historic Windsor family. Struggling to find her place in a world of prestige and old-fashioned values, Michele sifts through family relics in search of answers. When she discovers her great-great-grandmother’s diary and begins poring through its pages, she finds herself whisked back in time to the Gilded Age. There, Michele meets the man whom she always wished existed, but hadn’t dared to believe in. Inextricably drawn to each other, the two fall in love. But as Michele drifts between modern life and the world of the past, she begins to piece together an alarming family mystery — one that may doom her life and the life of the man she loves. Timeless is a captivating romance and mystery spanning three decades of high-society life and intrigue in New York City.

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Book #1 in Series

First impression:
I’ve heard about loving a book from the very first page, but I’ve never felt this way before. Not until now…

“There is nothing in this life that can destroy you but yourself. Bad things happen to everyone, but when they do, you can’t just fall apart and die. You have to fight back. If you don’t, you’re the one who loses in the end. But if you do keep going and fight back, you win.”

Later Edit:
If that was not clear enough then YES, I loved this book.
This was ‘love at first page’ and now my heart is broken because I want so badly to know what happens next. I’m holding my breath for the sequel and it’s gonna take a lot of waiting until the next one comes out.

Back to the book: The story starts with a dream, a beautiful dream that defines the whole story. It’s bitter-sweet, and romantic, and full of mystery, and I felt compelled by it, so I just knew that I will love this book with all my heart… and it was even better than I had expected.

It was fantastic, a charming love story that has no limits, a time-travel story with so many twists.
There was nothing thrown in there for no reason, every single scene had a meaning, every single act had a consequence… It was mind blowing.

So yes, this is a great love story beautifully written, with strong characters that I got to love… a story so full of surprises and twists that in the end just made me want more, so much more…

2012, please come faster 🙂 And please Alexandra M. if you can possibly listen to my plead, just make justice to this story and make the sequel at least as good as this first book.
_ _

Note: Some people say that some things were not realistic… Well, it’s fiction people, what did you expect? You should just take it as it is and enjoy it. In every time travel book there are things that seem forced or unrealistic… Some things are explained by science, some by magic elements, and some are just left to hang there, with no good explanation (and maybe we will have our answers in the next book of course)
Yes, it’s true, even the dreams seemed to make things easier sometimes, but who cares, with a story as beautiful as this I just believe in whatever I have to believe and enjoy the story without questioning too much.

“I can’t live in the normal world,
I’m just chasing time
I belong in that endless whirl
The place where you’re mine.”

Go to Alexandra’s website to hear the music feature in the book. Rating: 5 hearts.. I mean stars

Happy midnight reading!

Favorite quote:

My music of choice:

Monrose – What You Don’t Know

“What you don’t know
Is that I lay awake
Wishing you were here tonight
What you don’t know is
That I loved you, long before we were alive..”

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4 responses to “Timeless”

  1. Emse says:

    If you liked this book you will LOVE the book “Ruby Red” by Kestin Gier. I have read them both and, as much as I liked Timeless, I have to say that Ruby Red blew me away. It is also a book about time traveling, but the story is just so much more complex and so amazing. Its so much better than timeless (and timeless is awesome!). So if you like the whole concept of time traveling, you HAVE to read Ruby Red.

    • Ari says:

      Thank you very much for the suggestion. I like time traveling and I loved this book, so I will definitely check out ‘Ruby Red’ as well and I hope to like it as much as you did 🙂

      • Emse says:

        Its a very big thing in Germany at the moment (its originally in german and have since been translated into many different languages. Including english of course). They are also in the middle of making it into a film.
        I really hope you will like it too. I would love to read a review of it:)

        P.S. I see that in my previous message I accidently misspelled the authors name, sorry about that. Its not “Kestin Gier” its “Kerstin Gier”.

        • Ari says:

          No problem, I found it on GoodReads anyways. I’ll search for it in stores too and when I get to read it I’ll let you know ;))

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