In The Christmas Mood

in The Midnight Cup of Coffee


I am not good at waiting

If it were up to me I would be celebrating Christmas already.
I would go buy my Christmas tree right now, I would make it pretty, I would turn on the Christmas lights, I would listen Christmas songs and I would wait for Santa to come.
…With presents, lots of presents 😀
Maybe I’m more in a “presents” mood than a Christmas one, now that I think about it.

Well, I could do the first things on this list with no problem at all, but I didn’t find a way to convince Santa to pay me a visit sooner – maybe he knows that I haven’t been really good this year and he doesn’t fell like making me any favors.

Still, I have my way of celebrating on my own. Who needs Santa to feel the holiday joy, right?
So I searched for Christmas songs (modern as well as classic) and I am listening to them all over and over again. For instance I am enjoying a lot this playlist. (to bad not all the songs are embedded to be listened right over there)

Maybe I don’t have the Christmas tree ready at home, but at least I have one on the blog (note that the holiday background is available only in December)- and its Christmas lights are on (and dancing ‘at night’) – and I am enjoying my little piece of holiday right now.

Now, what about you?
Did you send your letter to Santa? Are you ready for some celebration? What Christmas songs you love the most? What Christmas books are you planning to read?

Some favorite songs:

Nevershoutnever – 30 Days

Train – Shake Up Christmas

Faith Hill – Where Are You Christmas

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