Dreaming after Midnight (#8) Froi

Dreaming after Midnight (#8) Froi

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Froi (from Froi Of The Exiles by Melina Marchetta)

“I’ll come and find you wherever you are. I’ll not stop breathing until I do.”

What do we know about him?

Do you remember him from “Finnikin of the rock“?
Froi is a thief whom Evanjalin and Finnikin meet on their journey. He has a nasty attitude which worsens when Evanjalin enslaves him, but slowly starts to become better throughout the story.
Three years after the curse on Lumatere was lifted, Froi has found his home with the people who loved him and thought him to be a better person.
But soon he is to be sent to an assassinate mission that might or might not bring him back to Lumatere.

“You’re an assassin made up of the garbage of this kingdom. You have Seeker eyes and you have the face of scum from Ambroi”


#1: He is an assassin, but he is good at it (even though his last mission was not his best) and he shares his knowledge with the ones that need it the most:

“And that’s how you protect yourself from an assassin?” he demanded, removing the dagger from her hand. “If you really want to be successful, you give yourself five seconds to kill a man.”
#2: He has a good sense of humor:
“Are you an idiot, or an idiot?” Gargarin hissed.
“The first one. I really resent being called the second.”
#3: He is caring:
“I never imagined I was looking for something in a woman. But if I did, I’d have to judge her by the way I felt laying beside her before I went to sleep at night and how I felt in the morning waking up to her.”
#4: He would sacrifice everything for the ones he loves:
“All he knew was that he would kill to protect Quintana”

#1: He has a bit of a temper:

“You know it’s safe to come with me.”
“She knows nothing of the sort,” Froi said, “and if you don’t step back, I’ll break that hand in places you didn’t think there were bones.”
..so he has to count to 10 and let the anger wash over him:
“Froi did a lot of counting”

So, why Jonathan Rhys Meyers?

Because he fits the description, because I looked at his pictures from “The Tudors” series and all I could think about was how much he resembles Marchetta’s character from my mind.

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Happy midnight dreams, girls!


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