Dreaming after Midnight (#6) Tucker

Dreaming after Midnight (#6) Tucker

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(from Unearthly Series by Cynthia Hand)

“And then I can feel what he feels. He’s waited such a long time for this moment.
He loves how I feel in his arms. He loves the smell of my hair. He loves the way I looked at him just now, flushed and wanting more from him. He loves the color of my lips and now the taste of my mouth is making his knees feel weak and he doesn’t want to seem weak in front of me.”


#1: He will melt your heart with just 2 words:

“Hey, Carrots”
#2: He knows how to compliment a girl:
“Oh right. What about Wendy?” I ask
“What about her?”
“It’s her birthday, too. I’m the worst friend ever. I should have sent her something. Did you exchange gifts?”
“Not yet.” He turns toward me. “But she gave me the perfect gift.” The way he’s looking at me sends butterflies into my stomach. “What?”
#3: He is funny:
“Are you any good at it?”
“Pulling idiots out of the snow? I’m the best.”
#4: … and funny:
Tucker: “Today we ran into a mama grizzly with two cubs at the ridge off Colter Bay and Clara sang to it to make it go away.”
Mrs. Avery: “You sang to it?
Tucker: “Her singing is that bad.”
#5: … and even funnier:
Tucker: “I’m glad it happened. because then I got to know who you really are”
Clara: “Oh yeah? Who am I?”
Tucker: “A really, really spiritual, spoiled California chick”
Avery: “Shut up”
Tucker: “It’s cool though. My girlfriend is an angel”.
#6: He is tender:
“Tucker strokes my hair. There’s something so tender about the gesture. It might as well have been him whispering I love you.”
#7: I like his diplomatic side:
“This isn’t going to become one of those creepy situations where you show up at all hours of the night to watch me sleep, is it?” he asks playfully.”
#8:He is only human:
“I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to be…” I can’t say it.
“Jealous” he fills in. “I’m not.” He leans back against the seat, closes his eyes for a minute, then blows out a long breath. “Actually, you know what? I’m crazy jealous.”

#1: Just for me, the cowboy thingy didn’t work much:
“He is definitely part of the cowboy group, although toned down from some of them, wearing a simple gray tee, jeans, and cowboy boots”
#2: He is a bit unsecure sometimes :
Tucker: “Is it okay to kiss you?”
Clara: “What?”
Tucker: “I won’t get struck by lightning?”
Clara: (laughs) “No lightning.”Yeah, I know, this is not much of a “con” but what can I say, this guy is amazing!
I’m in love!
So, why Jared Leto?

  • He looks great with a cowboy hat.
  • I could picture myself swimming in his eyes Clara swimming with him.

OK, now you can stop looking at this picture! ▶ ▷ ▸ ▹

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Happy midnight dreams, girls!


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