About The Author

Debra Dockter

When her parents told her she could be anything she wanted when she grew up, Debra took it to heart.

Even being a Kansas girl, she managed to become a ballerina (performing Swan Lake 28 times), worked as a magician’s assistant (worst job ever!), became a child psychologist, and currently works as a college professor and a young adult author.

She currently lives in Kansas with her husband, their three children, one dog, one bird, nine fish and if her youngest gets her way, some sort of rodent. Her young adult novel, “Deadly Design” is due out June of 2015 from Putnam/Penguin. She is represented by the wonderful Ayesha Pande Literary Agency.


Deadly Design
By Debra Dockter

I love races against the clock. I like the suspense they bring into the story, how they can transform the characters, making them change their priorities and the way they see the world. I like stories about genetics, stories based on reality that step on the fine edge between science and science-fiction, that seem to bring nightmares to life. I like the plausibility…

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