About The Author

Cath Crowley

Author of A Little Wanting Song (Chasing Charlie Duskin), Graffiti Moon and the Gracie series. Living in Melbourne and writing her next book. Also, on of my favourite authors – her lyrical writing won me over and I can’t wait to read more books from her.

Random facts about Cath:

– I would like a pet fish;
– I sleep walk sometimes;
– I find it hard to make a decision;
– I like reading on trains;
– I really like coffee;
– I write best at four in the morning;
– One of my favourite films is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”


Words in Deep Blue
By Cath Crowley

This is your next favourite book. You just don’t know it yet ^_^ “Words in Deep Blue” is both a love story and, in between, fairly a drama. The voices whispering it are humorous though full of sorrow. The characters are broken and, against all odds, still whole. My eyes are now both joyful and tearful after finishing reading it. When I…

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Graffiti Moon
By Cath Crowley

“I was nothing inside but light and color” Can you be in love with a book? I know that I can fall in love with a character, I had a few crushes here and there, but if I were to want to get married with a book, I would propose to this one in a heartbeat. Dear…

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