Spring break

in The Midnight Cup of Coffee


I will be away for just a bit, but don’t worry
I will be back soon with more reviews and book news.
Until then..


..And you can always let me know what you liked or disliked about the books we’ve both read – reading a book is not enough, there’s a lot of pleasure in talking about those stories as well 😉

Happy spring and midnight reading!

PS: I’ve been doing a bit of re-reading lately – I’ve re-enjoyed The Host, Unravelling, Daughter of Smoke and bone and I can’t wait to start On the Jellicoe Road again. What books do you like to read over and over again?


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8 responses to “Spring break”

  1. Rashika says:

    I’ve been meaning to re-read On the Jellicoe Road as well but I have The Assassin’s Curse first up on my ‘books to re-read list’

    • Ari says:

      I need to read The Assassin’s Curse too – I keep hearing great things about it 🙂 Enjoy you re-reading 😉

  2. bookwormdreams says:

    Hmmm re-reads… I’m much tamer now, as a child I think I re-read some of my favorites more than 20 times. 🙂 But I can always re-read and enjoy: Dragonflight, Graceling, Cadet of Tildor, Black Jewels Triology etc.

    Have fun on spring break (in and out of books) 😉

    • Ari says:

      I usually don’t re-read (there are some exceptions though) as I feel that I have too little time and there are so many great books out there waiting for me to pick them up, but this month I felt like it. But as well, as a teen, I used to keep re-reading my favorite books over and over and over again :))

  3. Wiktoria Portka says:

    I love to re-read The Truth About Forever and Night World also Remember Me and some other faves 🙂

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