New Year, New Design

New Year, New Design

in The Midnight Cup of Coffee


Happy New Year!

First, I want to thank you all very much for sticking with me through the years.

We’ve been reading tons of amazing stories and I can’t wait for us to read even more. Your support means the world to me, because this blog would be nothing without you – my readers, my book friends.




Midnight blog changes

Also, if you’ve been on ReadingAfterMidnight lately, you might have noticed the changes in terms of design and functionality.

It is true, some of you might like the new look, some will probably miss the old design (my Romanian readers will be lucky enough to still enjoy it on my other mini-blog), but I tried to bring into this one all the things I missed while using the older version – because at the very beginning (when I created it) I didn’t know what keeping track of my reading habits would even mean.

Truth being told, my old playground was becoming smaller and smaller for my needs lately.


New features

I don’t want you to feel confused in any way, so I will give you a very quick tour through the new site (just some important bits).

Basically, like before, there are two types of articles on the blog: the reviews and the non-reviews (a group generically called “Midnight fun” which contains news, blog tours, giveaways, memes and more). You will see these two on the homepage & the sidebar (on article pages) and you will also find them in the main (top) navigation.

There are two formats in which you can see the posts on the blog: cover-grid and list view (on the top of the articles there are 2 clickable icons that you can use for this purpose). The default is set to grid, but you are free to select the one that fits better your preferences.


Along with the “Reviews” section and the search option (located on the to right navigation), you can also find reviews in two other ways: there is an Authors Index  link in the footer, and you can also sort reviews by ratings (for this, in the articles sidebar you can click on the rating of choice).


I’ve also created a contact page that you can use any time you need to send me a message, or you can use the comments section or the other social media like before.

New section: Midnight Ramblings

You can now find, up in the menu, a new link called Ramblings.

I plan to post in that section a lot more often compared to the actual blog (daily if possible, sometimes more than once a day), but those will only be very short posts with bookish pictures, fan-arts, books from my personal library, book and movie trailers, quotes, some personal photos, inspiration and so much more.


There’s the possibility for you to like those posts (as in, click on the heart shaped “like” icon), to leave a comment, to share them .. you know the drill, nothing really new under the sun, but they will feel maybe a bit more personal because those are all things I like, I need, I want to share, also pictures of me, moments from my life – it’s like an invitation to come visit, to know me better.

You can subscribe separately to all blog posts (reviews and other articles) and/or to Ramblings. You can find a distinct subscribe form in the sidebar, on the individual pages of either a blog post or a rambling.


Come to the dark side, we have books!

I will, of course, leave all the rest for you to discover.

I hope that you’ll have fun on the new website, I hope to see you around here sometimes to share impressions regarding all the books we enjoy.

Have a lovely year,

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6 responses to “New Year, New Design”

  1. Looks really cool Ari! 😀

  2. Erin says:

    Love the new design 🙂

  3. Shane says:

    The new look is awesome, then again your designs are always awesome! 🙂

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