Miss the Unwind world?

Miss the Unwind world?

in The Midnight Cup of Coffee


I know that feeling!

When I reached the last page of the last book in the series I felt like letting go of a dream, like saying goodbye to my friends and never seeing them again. I couldn’t bear the thought of not being part of this world anymore, it felt like being left out in the dark. And I wanted more, I wanted it to never end.

Thankfully, Neal Shusterman is always full of surprises and by the end of the year we will have a few more bits to enjoy about this world, these characters, this amazing story.

… Because UnBound is coming out this December!


Here’s what this book should be about:

“A fifth Unwind book is coming out! UnBound will be a collection of short stories and novellas set in the Unwind universe. But it won’t wrap things up—some stories will be prequels, some will take place in the midst of the series’ time span, and some will take place after the end of UnDivided. Look for it in December!”

– from Neals’ facebook page. 

“Connor Lassiter’s fight to bring down Proactive Citizenry and find a suitable alternative to unwinding concluded in UnDivided. Now Connor, Risa, and Lev are free to live in a peaceful future—or are they? Neal Shusterman brings back his beloved Unwind characters for his fans to see what’s left for those who were destined to be unwound.”

– from the official description on simonandschuster

Pretty exciting right?!
Boy, I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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