“Kendra’s Diaries” Sneak Peek

“Kendra’s Diaries” Sneak Peek

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Hello dears!

Some of you are young and you resonate with stories about growing up and facing all that comes with the process. You struggle, you stumble and you need to know that everything will turn out right. This post is for you!

Guest post: Meet Kendra Foster

by KP Smith

She’s right in the middle of the roller coaster ride of growing up.

Her family seems to be in a permanent state of disarray. High school is right around the corner and there is only one school she wants to attend but it is going to take a miracle for her to go. She finally made the cheerleading team which is the best thing that has happened since forever. But much to her dismay this wreaks havoc in a completely unexpected way.

Then she has one year left to capture Jamie’s attention yet she hasn’t been able to do that since the fourth grade. And with the new girl everyone is going crazy over she doesn’t have much of a chance does she? Life is coming at her from all sides and she is determined to keep it all together.

Kendra’s Diaries is the first installment in the Growing Pains series. During all the twists, turns, ups and downs Kendra will develop courage, faith and perseverance. She will learn no matter what happens in life always remain positive and never give up. Life has a way of working itself out.



“Growing Pains: Kendra’s Diaries” is the first book in the book in The Growing Pains Series. This series will chronicle the joys/sorrows, ups/downs, triumphs/trials of Kendra Foster through her journey of growing up. The next book New Beginnings is due out late summer/early fall. Join Kendra’s journey today!

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About the author


kp-smithKP Smith is the proud mother of two sons. She currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has successfully worked in the insurance industry for the past 17 years. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing. She also has a Master’s of Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing.

She enjoys dancing, watching her favorite tv shows, sports, social media, going to the movies, reading, and just enjoying life.

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