About The Author

Rachel Hartman

Rachel Hartman’s first YA fantasy novel, SERAPHINA, will be published by Random House on July 10th, 2012.

Rachel was born in Kentucky, but has lived a variety of places including Chicago, Philadelphia, St. Louis, England, and Japan.

She has a BA in Comparative Literature, although she insists it should have been a BS because her undergraduate thesis was called “Paradox and Parody in Don Quixote and the satires of Lucian.”

She eschewed graduate school in favour of drawing comic books. She now lives in Vancouver, BC, with her family, their whippet, and a talking frog and salamander (who fight zombies)(really. There are a lot of zombies in the Pacific Northwest).

Random things famous singers haven’t been saying about Rachel:

“She’s a restless young Romantic — wants to run the big machine.” — Rush
“She’s just the beast under your bed, in your closet, in your head.” — Metallica
“She comes in colours everywhere, but we’re not entirely convinced she combs her hair.” — The Rolling Stones


Book #1 in Seraphina Series
By Rachel Hartman

In all the stories I’ve read or heard about, I don’t remember ever reading about dragons and humans living together. So, to say that I was intrigued about this book it’s quite an understandment. The good: The world setling in Seraphina is wonderful, rich and captivating. The reader is able to understand everything step by step, to see the world…

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