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Something old, something new

As some of you might know I’m trying to learn how to digitally paint.
My first artworks have been posted on DeviantArt. One of them is book related and my GoodReads friends seemed to love it, so I decided to have it on the blog too, for everyone to enjoy it.

I don’t know if painting is the right word for this, but I love doing it. It makes me feel so good and it brings me so much happiness when other people like my work. So I am thanking you all for being part of my life, because I can share with you these little things that bring so much joy into my life!..

More artworks made by me:

BTW, happy midnight reading everyone!

Note: Please respect the copyright. If shared elsewhere I would really appreciate
for you to link back to my deviantART page or this blog post. Thank you!

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