My Boyfriend’s Girl (#1) Jasmine

My Boyfriend’s Girl (#1) Jasmine

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Jasmine (from Amplified by Tara Kelly)

So… I’ve made a promise to someone that I’ll write a ‘book girlfriend’ kind of article (for the reading male population to enjoy as well), and this is me keeping my promise. Hope you’ll like it!

“Sure, I had pretty high expectations. […] But I had nowhere to go but up. Why not aim as high as possible?”

What do we know about her?

Kicked out of her own home because she wants to play music and not go to college, Jasmine needs to find a place to live and a way to pay the bills. This leads to her meeting the C-Side, a band searching for a guitarist. Wouldn’t be awesome if she found a place to stay and a band to make her dreams come true?


#1: She is confident, and if not she can pretend it:

“So I gathered my things, ignored my throbbing shoulders, and began the mile trek to West Cliff. ‘Guys preferred‘ my ass; they just hadn’t met me yet. At least that’s what I wanted them to think. Otherwise, I was screwed.”
#2: She is funny:
“What are you doing here?” Clover asked. He still had his blue mechanic’s shirt on and oil strains on his hands.
“Stalking you, apparently.”
#3: She has ‘manners’:
“Now, please move.”
“Oh, good. You said ‘please’. I’d hate to be assaulted by someone without manners”
#4: She is always right:
“Do yourself a favor princess. Work it out with Mom and Dad.”
“You know nothing about me or my situation.”
He leaned closer. “I’ll take a guess. Your parents wanted you to be someone you aren’t, so you’ve come here to express yourself and get that butterfly tatoo you’ve always wanted.”
His eyes didn’t move from mine. “Am I?”
“Completely.” I shoved past him. “I hate butterflies.”
#5: She knows what she wants:
“Music is my life” I said. “Walking away isn’t an option.”


I love her, but she is such a lier:

“So you lied.”
I knew what he was thinking. “I had to. They wouldn’t have let me in if – ”
“Nobody has to lie, Jasmine”

So, why Hayley Williams?

Well, I am not sure how much the character resembles the singer (most probably not at all) but there was something about her that made me think of Jasmine.. maybe her smile, her energy, her optimism.. they both have these all and so they are simply adorable.

Image sources: Hayley’s drawinggirl drawing, the rest of them from google images.

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Happy midnight dreams!

Jasmine’s boyfriend:

Check out Sean here.

Enjoy Hayley in this video:

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  1. Thanks for keeping your promise 🙂
    Hope your readers will enjoy it as much as I did reading it.

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