Dreaming after Midnight (#9) Sean

Dreaming after Midnight (#9) Sean

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Sean (from Amplified by Tara Kelly)

Amplified is one of my favourite books. It is amazingly funny and the characters are lovely and smart and (so very) witty. Every time I read it, I laugh until my face hurts and I fall for the romance (and the friendships created in it) all over again.

“Welcome to the real world, princess.”

What do we know about him?

He is 17th, works in a auto shop and plays in a band. He is smart, with extraordinary drawing talent and gorgeous green eyes, he is funny and caring and.. he really needs to get over his ex.


#1: He is as cute as a boy can be:

“Despite the barbell through his eyebrow and the glare, his face was sweet – what I call boyish cute. Too bad he had the charm of a housefly”
#2: He is supportive:
“I told you, I’m not a wuss.”
He leaned toward me, his breath hitting my ear. “Prove it.”
My shoulder curled up. “You really want me to?”
“We won’t find another Jasmine. ”
“Since when is that a bad thing for you?”
His lips twitched. “Don’t fish for compliments”
#3: He knows how to apologize:
“I’ve been meaning to tell you I’m sorry”, he said. “For being a dick when we met. You caught me on a really bad day – or week, actually. I kind of hated the world.” A half smile brewed on his lips. “More than usual”
#4: He has this cute flirty attitude:
I nodded at his bottle. “That doesn’t look like root beer.”
He smiler. “Hey, I know when to stop. Unlike some people.”
I gave him a playful punch in the arm. “Bite me.”
His shoulder touched mine. “Don’t tempt me.”
#5: He is at a loss for words when it comes to love:
“I’m not best with words. But I do like you – if that isn’t obvious”


He is angry at the whole world, and sometimes he’s a bit rude:

“Don’t worry. Sean doesn’t discriminate. He hates everyone equally”
So, why Drew Fuller?

I would ask why not?
He has great green eyes, a beautiful smile, he is boyish cute and I’ve been in love with him in my teenage years (when he appeared in the video featured right below).

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Happy midnight dreams, girls!

PS: Even Tara thinks he would be a great Sean (squee!!) 😉

Sean’s girlfriend

I’ve been asked to do a feature for a ‘book girlfriend’ and I liked both Sean and Jasmine in “Amplified”, so here it goes.
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Enjoy Drew in this video:

The Calling – Wherever You Will Go

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