About The Author

Paula Weston

Paula Weston is an avid reader and blogger, a huge fan of Australian literature and fantasy/paranormal stories, a comic reader and TV addict.

She lives in Brisbane with her husband, a retired greyhound and a moody cockatiel.

Random facts about Paula:

“For my day job, I’m a self-employed writer-journalist-professional communicator, where my writing involves a lot less profanity. :)

I also love to read, blog, cook, eat, drink and travel and tend to get passionate about human rights, ethical food production… actually, I can get passionate about pretty much anything.

I’m also a huge fan of Australian literature, fantasy/paranormal writing across books, TV and film; I love comedy; I’m a closet comic reader and TV addict; and I’m borderline obsessed with the Foo Fighters.”


Book #4 in The Rephaim Series
By Paula Weston

Love. Nightmares. Angels. War. This book has left me (like all the books in the series) with a fluttering feeling deep in my heart, like the touch of an angel’s wings – such a perfect ending to an even more perfect story! I just fell in love. For the fourth time. With this series. With these characters. I can’t read…

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Book #3 in The Rephaim Series
By Paula Weston

Beautiful, imaginative, seductive, addictive. This story always leaves me breathless and begging for more. Aaaaarh, such a wonderful frustration! I must confess that this series is killing me slowly, because how in the world am I going to wait for god-knows-how-long until the last one comes out? It’s not like this is a more cruel ending (you know the…

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Book #2 in The Rephaim Series
By Paula Weston

One of the best sequels so far… It’s been a while since the last time I was so lost into a story that I couldn’t put it down. It’s been quite a while since I first read the first book in the series too, but it didn’t feel like time has passed at all. I could easily pick it up…

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Book #1 in The Rephaim Series
By Paula Weston

I’m telling you, I’ve been breathing this book, not just reading it. You might know that I love to read in one sitting, so when I like a book I take it in my hands and don’t let it go until I reach the very last page. I finished this one in the morning, and you can bet that…

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