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I should probably start my first post by confessing that my new (or not so new) guilty pleasure is reading YA books.
Why? It is hard to tell. I guess that I remember the feeling of falling in love, and I still love it. I remember being naive and young(er) and having a lot of fun and no worries at all. To be fair, it’s not that life is so much harder when you grow up, but it is just funnier to remember being a teenager.

So the book that made me find and enjoy the YA books was (drum drum..) Twilight (January 2009).

No, don’t roll your eyes at me because I am not here to tell you how much I loved it (in fact I did back then), and I am not even going to rate it because I have mixed feelings about it, you know.
First because after reading more and more books I have changed a bit my preferences when it comes to this kind of stories, and I don’t know how much I would like it these days…
Second, because there are 2 groups of peoples: the ones that really love it, and the ones that really hate it, and I don’t want to be (squashed) in the middle of this craziness.

I will tell you this instead: I never thought that it was a well written book, I never thought that the story was amazing, I simply liked it. It felt somehow natural with the simplicity of the writing, and the average characters – it’s a story you can easily relate with and it made me think about myself in high-school.. and that was it. I felt the need to remember, to enjoy again my teen days, to laugh at the silliness of my young self. And now I am in love with this genre and it feels good 🙂

So enjoy my reading list and my thoughts and have a lot of fun.
Because that’s why you read, right?.. to have fun!



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