About The Author

Joann Swanson

Joann was born and raised in Ogden, Utah, where she attended old Catholic schools with spooky boiler rooms and even spookier nuns. These things have understandably influenced her dark novels.

She works full-time as an instructional designer, also as a teacher for two undergraduate classes online for a university.

Sometimes she wishes she could fly, but not always because she’s afraid of heights. Or of falling. Perhaps falling more than heights.

Besides writing, teaching, and designing, Joann is an avid reader of just about every genre (plenty of YA, a smidge of Sci-Fi, buckets of horror, a dash of literary, even some graphic novels).


Tin Lily
By Joann Swanson

Such a beautiful book! The wonderful prose, the emotional story, the great characters.. It touched my heart, really. This book is absolutely incredible and I feel honoured to have it on my ‘favourite’ shelf. The story is dark, but also hopeful, it is a triller but also with a psychological touch, it talks about trauma but also about healing, it…

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