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Review: Seeing Light by Michelle Warren


After all this time, I am still unsure if I will be able to make justice to this book, as it's so amazing I can barely put my feelings into words. I will try though, hopefully my mind has cleared a bit of all this awesomeness and I can write down something more than "wow", …

Review: Protecting the Truth by Michelle Warren


Protecting the Truth is a beautiful sequel to Wander Dust, one that will make you wish for your future self to send you a copy of the next book right about.. now, please! If you loved Seraphina's journey in the first book, if you wanted more adventures and running through time, if you missed the characters …

Review: Wander Dust by Michelle Warren


When I read a book I usually take some notes, mark some quotes, you know - the usual things you do when you want to remember what the story was about. It's helpful if it takes you long to write the review and you read other books in the meantime. The problem is that I didn't …