The future of books

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Today’s feature: The future of books

We all know how Ebook Readers are becoming more and more a part of our life.

Even though nothing compares to having a paper book in your hand, I like the advantages of having tones of books in one device, easy to carry around, lightweight and having the possibility to order even more books the moment I want to, not to mention how I love to be able to read in complete dark when my husband is asleep.
Now of course there are people really liking the ebook readers, and other people hating their guts, so I won’t go into a debate here because running into circles is not really my specialty.

What I really wanted to talk about is this:
Did you ever thought about how the reading experience will change in the near future?
How the technology will evolve, how many thinks that now seem almost impossible in a while will be as common for us like paper books in a library?

There are people out there trying to improve the reading experience, trying to come up with devices that could help the reading process, interact with you, make reading a more pleasant, and very soon all this will be part of our life.
Imagine there were input devices which could allow text to know if and how it is being read – how would this change the reading experience?
Would you like it?
Are you prepared for this?

Find out more about Text 2.0 and the EyeReader Project here!
Happy reading!

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