My Happy Ever After…

My Happy Ever After…

in The Midnight Cup of Coffee


“Anyone coming within a hundred yards of my happy ending
had better pray that they’re immune to bullets.”
~ Shaun Mason.

You know how so many stories end with a “they lived happily ever after” note?
Well, I am pretty much writing those words in the metaphorical book of my life, eager to know what comes after them.


In plain English (because some people asked me how come am I not posting updates anymore), the thing is.. I am getting married in a couple of weeks! ^_^

This being said, I didn’t stop reading (that’s impossible at this point), I didn’t lose my love for blogging (this is still my happy place) and I didn’t forget about all my beloved book-friends (I will be back soon and I can’t wait to hear all about the amazing books you’ve been reading all this time). I am just over my head with planning and planning and, oh, doing some more planning. If only things would get done as easily as in books (this doesn’t mean I am not enjoying it though).

I don’t usually share much about my life, but I am really happy right now, my emotions level is pretty high and I really want to remember this moment, these feelings – I am in love, I am in a dreamy state, I am having the time of my life. It feels good to let the whole world know it.

“For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It is a person.
And we are finally home.” ~ Anna. 

I hope that you’ll all have a great summer, full of adventures, love or whatever makes you happy – and, of course, tons of good books to entertain you every now and then :p
Thanks for stopping by!


Update #1: From our pre-wedding photo-session:

Ari & Mike

Update #2: A short glimpse:






Update #3: Our Story:

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