About The Author

Krystal Sutherland

Author of the beautiful debut story “OUR CHEMICAL HEARTS”, Krystal was born and raised in Townsville, in the far north of Australia. Since escaping to Sydney in 2011, She had also lived in Amsterdam, which she found to be “awesome but cold”, and Hong Kong, where she currently reside (though she does not speak neither Dutch nor Cantonese).

Growing up, she never dreamed of being a writer. She wanted to be a) a florist, then b) a volcanologist, then c) an actress. It wasn’t until shortly after her 18th birthday that she sat down to write her first novel.

Hopefully many more will follow.


Our Chemical Hearts
By Krystal Sutherland

A bittersweet story.. like a tender, distant memory that lingers. I read “Inimi Chimice” (“Our Chemical Hearts”) at the end of 2016 and it’s the first international YA book I actually read in Romanian . It is also one of my favourites of the year, not as much because of the love story (quite a bit strange unusual…

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