About The Author

Jess Rothenberg

Jess Rothenberg grew up in Charleston, South Carolina, graduated from Vassar College, and spent most of her twenties editing books for teens and middle grade readers. She lives in Brooklyn where she writes full-time, dances interpretively, and dreams of one day owning a sheepdog named Leo. THE CATASTROPHIC HISTORY OF YOU AND ME is her first novel.

Random facts about Jess:

– Favorite color: Caribbean blue.
– Favorite food: Mashed potatoes with about seven sticks of butter.
– Favorite sound: My cat snoring.
– Lucky number: Eleven.
– Vanilla or Chocolate? Oreo.
– Dog or Cat? Dog. Although I will make exceptions for cats who think they are dogs.
– Secret Wish: That I could fly, speak every language on earth, and/or be Taylor Swift.
– Night owl or early bird? I was born exactly one minute before midnight, and I’ve been a night owl ever since. Late at night tends to be when I do my best, most inspired writing. To quote one of my favorite bands, The Counting Crows, ‘round here we stay up very, very, very, VERY late.


The Catastrophic History of You & Me
By Jess Rothenberg

I love books that make me feel more than one emotion.. I love it when my chest feels tight and achey for a moment, and then it gets all sweet and giggly; when I want to cry and smile at the same time; when I feel like I can’t get enough from the story and I would like to keep…

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