About The Author

Elizabeth Chandler

Elizabeth Chandler (author of “Kissed by an Angel” trilogy) is a pseudonym for Mary-Claire Helldorfer.

She is young adult and children’s author. She is a graduate of Mercy High School (Baltimore, Maryland) and she has written numerous picture books for children under her real name Mary Claire Helldorfer. She also writes romance novels include Summer in the City, Love at First Click and the romance-mystery Kissed by an Angel under her pen name, Elizabeth Chandler. She is also known for her suspense filled series Dark Secrets.

She currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland.


Summer in the City
By Elizabeth Chandler

“Change can be good. It just depends on what we make of it.” Talking about a hot contemporary romance… Did I love this book? You bet! And you can play safe and cheep with only 5 bucks since I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna win. This book had all I want in a lovely contemporary romance: a great…

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Love at First Click
By Elizabeth Chandler

I didn’t have time to write much about this book after reading it, but today it just popped into my mind and I had to get done with it. So.. I have this rule (I’m not a ‘rule person’ but this is really important, believe me) don’t try to steal your best friend’s boyfriend (or your sister’s in this case)…

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