About The Author

Alexandra Bracken

Alexandra Bracken wrote Brightly Woven as a birthday present for a friend, and the story grew and flourished during a year of unpredictable, wild weather. Her debut placed third in the 2010 GoodReads Choice Awards for Best Debut Author.
The Darkest Minds series, a near-future thriller Young Adult series, is now in progress, with the 3rd book coming out on September 16, 2014.

A native of Arizona, she is a recent graduate of the College of William and Mary, where she majored in History and English. She now lives in New York City.


Brightly Woven
By Alexandra Bracken

Such a beautiful, beautiful darling.. oh, I mean, story :)) One word: lovely! 2 words: loved it! 3 words: Thank you, Arlene! “I don’t do well without you,” North said. “Who I was before – I never want to be that person again. But I told you when I took you away…

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