Awakening Foster Kelly

Awakening Foster Kelly

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Hi, guys!

I am pleased to have Cara Rosalie Olsen on the blog today, talking about writing, ideas that come and go &  her book “Awakening Foster Kelly”. I didn’t get the chance to read that story but if you did I can’t wait to find out what you think of it. Happy reading and have a lovely week! 😉

My mind is kaleidoscopic…

sam3274“My mind is kaleidoscopic: bits of color here, a sparkle there, thousands of pieces of potential. Mostly, though, it’s rough terrain without much navigable or visual continuity.

I struggle with indecision and ambivalence, incessantly fraught with the desire to do this just as much as that, and ultimately become so terribly overwhelmed with choosing the correct answer, that I bury myself under neither.

The process goes something like this: thinking, thinking, thinking . . . idea! You call that an idea? Throw idea out. Thinking, thinking, thinking, exhausted, snuggled around a bag of pita chips in bed. Somehow, although you might not believe it until you read it, a book snuck its way out of that mess. I know; I’m just as shocked as you are.”

What is the book about?

“It still haunts me; this question, asked of me – and rightly so – by friends, family and curious strangers over the five-year duration that was Awakening Foster Kelly. And to this day, when I attempt to “sum up” AFK, it’s as though my clothes suddenly shrink two sizes, grabbing on to me like hungry hands. I start to squirm and itch, all over, and I just want to laugh and duck behind my armpit. Truly, I hope never to be filmed or recorded answering this question. I assure you, it will be more painful for you than for me.

So this is the best I can do:
The book is about first love. It is my belief that there is nothing more memorable than one’s first real true love. It is not only the ecstatic discovery of another human being, but as a teenager – usually – it is the purest, cleanest look you have ever had of yourself.

You realize, arrestingly, that many of those things you most despise about yourself are in fact some of the reasons he or she adores you. The experience, for however long it may last, is forevermore indelibly written into the heart. Oh, yes; I should mention that about a kabillon other events happen along the way. See what I mean? I can’t do it. The story is about a girl. A girl not so unlike most girls, who doesn’t quite understand how special she is. The story . . . is Foster’s.

Thank you, Ariana, for having me on your delicious blog. And thank you, Readers, for stopping by to meet my book and me. Please don’t be strangers. I’d love to hear from you!”



awakening foster kellyIf only a pile of wayward curls and the inability to stay on her feet were seventeen year-old Foster Kelly’s most pressing concerns. Unfortunately, stubborn hair and clumsiness are just the tip of it. At the age of five when Foster is told, “You don’t belong here,” it was only a mistake, but the result is one broken heart. These four carelessly spoken words have shaped and shadowed Foster, and now—a senior at Shorecliffs High-school—she seeks the wallflower’s existence, denying herself the most casual of friendships, much too afraid that someone will see what she believes is certain: she does not belong anywhere—or with anyone.

This reality would continue to suit her just fine; however . . . Love has a long-standing history of undoing broken hearts.

Like a comet, an unexpected arrival knocks Foster out of the crowded, starry sky, sending her directly into the limelight. Exposed and afraid, she will attempt to regain anonymity; but it isn’t so easy now that someone is watching. He pursues this shy enigma, confronting Foster’s deepest fears head-on, and in the process falls wholly and completely in love with her.

But there is something he is not saying . . . a secret capable of certain ruin. Either he will break her heart once and for all, or he will heal it.

In the end, though, it is Foster who must decide if she is worth mending.


Read the first chapter here (or click on the image):

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