Dreaming after Midnight (#7) Henry

Dreaming after Midnight (#7) Henry

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(from Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally)

I enjoy watching love bloom from pure, honest friendship. That never happened to me in real life, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t wish for something like that. And Henry was a great friend and a great guy. I couldn’t help falling for him.

“Can I try to make it up to you?”
I smirk. “How?”
“A lifetime supply of cookies and lemonade.”
“That’s pretty tempting…”

What do we know about him?

Favorite color? Silver. Favorite band? Led Zeppelin. Favorite vacation? A cross-country trip with his dad to the Grand Canyon. Mustard or mayo? Ketchup. Birthday? December 1.”

#1: He is a good football player:

“One touchdown for Higgings,
Three for Henry,
He’s an awesome wide receiver”
#2: He is funny:
“He catches the ball, spikes it, and does this really stupid dance. Henry looks like a freaking ballerina. […] I’m gonna give him hell for his dance.”
#3: He is plain honest:
“Just keep wearing those shirts” he says with a wink.”He’ll notice those boobs for sure”
#4: He’s a good friend:
I smack him upside the head.
“Damn it,” he exclaims, laughing. “Stop beating me up. Look, I’m gonna tell you something, because you’re my best friend. Underneath that crazy knot you call hair, all us know you’re really a girl, and we want you to be happy.”
#5: He is cute:
“I love how when we sleep head-to-toe he always finds a way to sleep head-to-head”.
#6: He’s caring and sweet:
“For what it’s worth,” Dad says, “I’ve never seen anyone run faster than Henry after you hurt your knee last week”

#1: He is a bit of a man-whore:
“Is there one girl at this school he hasn’t been with?” Ty asks, nodding at Henry.
“Good question”
#2: He acts like a kid sometimes:
“After practice, I try to catch Henry before he drives off, but he leaves without saying anything. Leaning up against my truck, I pull out my cell and dial his number, but he doesn’t answer.”

So, why Chace Crawford?

I know that many of you thought that Chace would make a great Ty, but even though Chace doesn’t have green eyes and curly hair, there’s something in his cute smile that reminds me of Henry. So, for my Jordan i think that he is the perfect Henry.

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Happy midnight dreams, girls!


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