About The Author

Fiona Wood

“I’ve always written, but I only turned it into a job so I could work at home and spend time with my children.”

Fiona Wood has been writing television scripts for the last ten years on shows ranging from MDA and The Secret Life of Us, to Home and Away and Neighbours.

She lives in Melbourne with her husband, two YAs and a bad old dog. ‘Six Impossible Thing’s is her first YA novel. ‘Wildlife’ is her second one.


Six Impossible Things
By Fiona Wood

Six Impossible facts about me: ✔ not to want to read an Aussie book; ✔ not to love a witty main character; ✔ not to enjoy sarcasm and good humour; ✔ not to love young love stories that make me smile laugh until my cheeks hurt; ✔ not to LOVE this story; ✔ not…

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