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I will still be offline for a few more weeks enjoying summer, but I found these beautiful animated covers and I wanted to share them with you all ;)

I hope you are having a great time too – don’t miss any chance to have fun and create beautiful memories!
See you all soon and… happy reading!

Animated “Fracture Me” and “Mila 2.0″ covers

fracture-me    gif_300x450_mila

Animated “Days of Blood and Starlight” and “The End Games” covers

days-of-blood-andstarlight    gif_300x450_end-games

Animated “Fairest” and “The Broken Hearted” covers

fairest    the-broken-hearted

Animated “Side Effects May Vary” and “The Burning Sky” covers

side-effects-may-vary    the-burning-sky

Animated “He + She” and “The Three” covers

gif_he-she    the-three

Animated “Night School” and “Reboot” covers

gif_300x450_night    gif_300x450_reboot

Animated “Not a Drop to Drink” and “Sanctum” covers

not-a-drop-to-drink    gif_sanctum

Animated “Mind Games” and “Split Second” covers

gif_300x450_mind    gif_300x450_split

Animated “Looking for Alaska” and “Life by Committee” covers

gif_300x450_alaska    gif_300x450_life

Animated “My true love gave to me” cover



PS: If you know about other beautiful animated covers, feel free to share!

But, don't let me do all the talking. I want to know what you think of this as well.

  • http://anniejacksonbooks.com/ Annie

    oh my gosh, The Burning Sky is so pretty animated!!!

    Love the reminder to go enjoy life – summer is beautiful :)

    • http://www.readingaftermidnight.com/ Ari

      I love that animation too, as for the cover itself – it’s nice and the one for the second book is really amazing. It’s making me want to read this series even though I have no idea what it is about ;))

      • http://anniejacksonbooks.com/ Annie

        oh you totally need to read this series :)
        I loved the first book – I mean, there were a few things but mostly I loved it. The world building and magic are great and the characters are well developed and a lot of fun. I’m very excited about the second one.

  • http://www.infinitecurio.com/ kay

    These look gorgeous! I love the fire I have to say, Fairest looks really good!

    • http://www.readingaftermidnight.com/ Ari

      Yes it does. And I really can’t wait for that (tiny) book!

  • Linda

    Wow, these look so amazing! Why can’t they do actual covers with animations on them, LOL! I know that the technology is there, though probably too expensive… yet.

    • http://www.readingaftermidnight.com/ Ari

      Oh boy.. wouldn’t I love that? Who knows, maybe our kids will have books like that – like a bridge between electronic and paper book :)))

  • Lis @ The reader lines

    Aaaaaah! these are so pretty!!! I can’t believe I didn’t see them before!
    Thank you!!!

    • http://www.readingaftermidnight.com/ Ari

      Yeah, I kind of wish for animated covers on my book shelf ;)) That would be so cool!