About The Author

John Kerry

John Kerry is – to the untrained eye – an average-sized, average-looking, marginally out of shape white guy, but depending on which day you observe him, in his head he could be about to take down a cartel of drug dealers with his bare hands. On another day he might be about to force push a lorry from the path of a baby stroller before they collide. Or, on yet another, he might even be getting ready to dive into a telephone box so he can rip open his shirt and fly off round the world backwards turning back time for some reason known only to himself.

When John isn’t living in a fantasy world he can be found in the city of Sheffield, UK where he lives. Originally from Ipswich, he lived in London for a while, before moving up north to raise his three padawan daughters. And one day he hopes to move to the US because that’s where all the other superheroes live and where alien invasions often occur. Books wise John loves virtually anything containing adventure, fantasy, Sci Fi, monsters, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, or Lovecraftian cyclopean horror.


Eden at the Edge of Midnight
The Vara Volumes
By John Kerry

I rarely read a book I know nothing about – and yes, I do remember reading the synopsis at some point, but when I picked it up to read it I didn’t remember anything from it. As the cover shows, Eden at the Edge of Midnight describes a fantastic and vibrant world, so different than our own, filled with strange…

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