Waiting for "Their Fractured Light"

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I really can’t wait for the 3rd book to come out.
I absolutely love this series, “These Broken Stars” being my favourite so far..


And here’s the cover to know what to expect. (click on the link or the image below)


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  • Love the idea for this photo. 🙂

    • Ari

      Thanks, I made use of the poster for this 😉
      I love this cover so much!

      I only wish they would have considered to make it velvety soft or at least use better ink on the cover, as it’s fading so easily. Maybe this time I should’ve bought the hardcover, then again the jacket breaks easily too *sigh* It’s hard to be me sometimes, LOL!

      • I always take off the jacket when I am reading the hardcover (so it does not break). My mother tried to explain to me multiple times it’s there to protect the book, but I just can’t… So I know the kind of weird you are talking about lol

        • Ari

          I do that too, but I still hate having to do it. And they can still break easily while I move them around or if they don’t fit the book perfectly for some reason. *sigh*

          In my country hardbacks used to come with the illustration printed on the actual cover (and I wouldn’t mind a jacket over that, duplicate illustrations wouldn’t be bad at all) – before this US trend started to get noticed and now even here I see some blank covers with beautiful illustrations on that thin paper they call jacket, but there are also books with cover-art still.

          • Every country has it own trends. Last ten years or so, in my country, hardbacks for popular novels come without jackets. instead their covers are covered with tiny layer of plastic (I don’t know a proper English word for this). Here’s random example: https://static.kupindoslike.com/Stiven-King-Vreca-kostiju_slika_O_37258653.jpg

          • Ari

            I think I would prefer that.
            Some hardcovers are really ugly inside (without the jackets)… And it’s not only the fact that they are boringly plain, that they lack design and illustration, but some are just so cheap looking. In 10 years, if something happens with the jackets, those books will look so wrong on my beautiful bookshelves.

          • When I think about it, they are better. Pretty sturdy and they look almost as new after you read them. The sad part is that here in Serbia they publisher hardcovers for only very popular writers, so most books come out only in paperbacks. That’s one of the reasons I switched to buying books in English.

          • Ari

            I use some kind of (adhesive) transparent plastic foil over my jackets to make them last longer (and sometimes to keep them glued to the hardcover if they don’t have anything interesting on the inside. Though the foil is supposed to be easy to remove, I never tried), but it doesn’t look as great as I wish. It still protects the illustrations, which is one thing I really love about some of my books.

            My UK copy of “My true love gave to me” came in hardcover with no jacked, just the artwork printed on it. Also I think that Girl Online comes this way (though it is not a book I intend to read, but I’ve seen it in English in libraries here). I sometimes wonder if other UK/AU books come this way.