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Magical things are bound to happen…


This December, my baby-boy and this baby-book will make my life complete and perfect 😉

PS: Don’t freak out: This is another personal fan-made artwork featuring the Starbound series (and myself), but I am not that lucky, I do not own a copy of “Their Fractured Light” already (unfortunately). Still… I would hold my breath for it to come out, if it wasn’t for the very obvious reason 😉 Can’t wait to read it!

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  • Lovely picture. 🙂 I didn’t know your due date is so close. I remember my last month, I could not wait to hold the baby in my hands. Happy waiting! 🙂

    • Ari

      I simply loved these past months (though I’ll be honest and confess that things are getting harder with the baby growing), but yes, I can’t wait to hold & hug & care for my baby. I keep imagining his pretty face and those tiny fingers wrapped around one of mine. I can’t wait for the first look and the first smile and the first everything! It’s beyond exciting!

      • Whatever you imagine it will be 1000 times better. It’s a love so unconditional it’s scary but beautiful…

        • Ari

          I am already in love – some sort of “love at first heartbeat” or “love at first kick/hiccup”. It’s funny and cute and it’s also such an emotional time to enjoy. I love all of it!