Love the series...

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Though these covers not so much…

I liked the first one (even #2), but I regret not getting the feathered one instead (a complete edition I can’t find anywhere these days -not even in hardback- and one that I wish for so much) *sigh*


But hey, at least the paperback series is complete. And there was no ‘surprise’ this time around 🙂

PS: Read my reviews in the “Daughter of Smoke and Bone” series here.

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  • Yeah, I’m with you on this one. That other version is better. More subtle. Prettier.
    One good thing since I switched to ebooks, I don’t obsess about covers so much anymore. 🙂

    • Ari

      And the colours, the design, and the Prague in the back. I’ll stop, or I’m gonna cry over it all over again :))

      I am in between, because these days most of the books I read are ARC and I get them on my kindle (this or I don’t purchase one because I don’t want to wait until the paper version gets here), but I still buy my favourites in paperback, or some that grab my attention. And I obsess about their covers endlessly, I try to get the edition I like the most and sometimes disappointment follows no matter what. And sometimes I look so hard for a particular edition and it is nowhere to find and not even the author or the publisher can help; or I find them somewhere but so damn expensive (not to mention shipping) that my logical side won’t let me buy them no matter what (more now that there’s a kid on the way).. and you get the point, more disappointment follows.

      But.. I can’t say I ever get bored, LOL.
      And I love my precious library so much!

      • I completely understand your hunt for favorite books in paperback. I plan to do it someday too (when we get a house and I have a place where to store them). I think I will buy the ones that I wish to re-read over and over again. I’ll probably hunt for the prettiest ones just like you. 🙂

        • Ari

          I have them in my office right now (which is part of the apartment) and I won’t even think about the moment when we will have to move them to our own home :)) But I simply can’t stop getting them, even when sometimes I re-read (at night, for commodity) the ARC or the epub I bought in the first place a long while before. I also need a service for lending ebooks, that might do the trick if I keep getting them in paper too anyways :))

          • You are lucky you have a place where to keep them. We have a smaller apartment so there is no place for shelves and my kid would have tried to climb them anyway as soon as I turned my back. 🙂
            I agree there should be a lending service for ebooks. There is option to lend some Kindle ebooks, but it does not work for my country and it works only for some books… :/

          • Ari

            Not for long, in a year or so I will need to rethink how we organise everything in the house. But there is time for that, I won’t worry at this moment.

            I know that amazon has that kind of service, but here it doesn’t work either *sigh*