Food never tasted better

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I am indeed skinny as hell, but I love food… Good food.
I can never have enough of that.


A few years back I hated cooking, and eating, and I am not even sure when things changed, but my hands simply started to work wonders in the kitchen and now I can’t imagine things any other way.

In fact, along with my YA library, I have a tiny personal cooking library in my kitchen too. We’ve purchased cooking books from various places we’ve visited (from foreign countries preferably in English, though we also own a few books in Spanish and Italian) and it feels like our own tradition of sorts.

And because I mentioned that word, I am not into Romanian traditional cooking, not because I don’t like those recipes (I actually do, I deeply enjoy some of them… when cooked by others), but because with me in the kitchen something goes wrong with them. Every. Single. Time. I am not sure why is that, but I think I am done trying.

I also avoid meat at all costs, though I don’t consider myself to be a vegetarian per se, I just don’t like the taste of it. And I think that people should always enjoy what they are eating.

Talking about enjoying things.. I, of course, love it when I can cook with the help of my husband (even when all he does is wash dishes – or well, mostly place them in the dishwasher and cleaning all my mess – though, don’t get me wrong, he is a great cook, it’s just that I do it a lot more often lately).

Anyways, food never tasted this good. And I wanted to share this experience with you.

I hope that somewhere, someone is cooking something really tasty.
I hope that somewhere, someone is eating something just as great.

And the little cookbook (smaller even than my kindle, though you can’t tell from the pic) that sparked my love for cooking:


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  • I love to cook to. And also like to experiment with foreign food especially Italian and Chinese. I never thought about buying cookbooks as souvenirs when traveling. I usually buy earrings. Thanks for the idea. 🙂
    Today for lunch we have bean soup and bread, all homemade. Mmmmmm tasty. 🙂

    BTW I love your pictures. Whenever I try to take pictures of food it looks washed out. Do you have any tips: o:)

    • Ari

      I like to experiment with ingredients that I don’t normally like (and to find ways to actually enjoy them) or ingredients I never used before (though some of them might be in fact pretty common).

      The last thing I cooked was creamy polenta with sweet&sour mushrooms, I think – I have a thing for mushrooms. And we usually have homemade bread too, my husband is in charge of that – actually, one is minutes away from being done and it smells so great, my tummy is getting pretty excited as I speak :))

      Earrings vs. books.. that’s tough competition, even when it comes to cookbooks :))

      As for the pictures, I use my old Nikon DSLR (don’t tell him I called him ‘old, he’s got feelings too, LOL) and I have an external flash to help me with the light. And because I love photography, even food photography, I never buy a cookbook without pictures (preferably each recipe with its own picture or set of pictures)

      • You are better person than me. I like to play with ingredients I like and find new recipes where I will like them even more. When I don’t like something, I just avoid it. ^.^

        That polenta sounds delicious. 🙂 Good for you. My husband knows how to cook, but I spoiled him, so he usually just helps with the dishes. But I do not complain, dishes are the worst part in cooking after all.

        It does not have to be a competition. I can get both. And now I have better excuse for my husband why I want to spend hours in foreign bookstore. :))

        Maybe that’s it. I always tried taking them with my mobile phone. I am too lazy. I’ll have to dig up my Nikon too. Although I don’t have external flash, just built in. I’ll try and see if it’s better. Thanks.
        And I like cookbooks with a lot of pictures too.

        • Ari

          I used to be really-really picky when it came to food (I hated eating), and I realised that it wasn’t about the ingredients (or the food), but the wrong ways they were being cooked. There are still things that I hate at the restaurants (broccoli comes easily to my mind) or the way my mother used to cook them (e.g. onion in all kind of dishes, or beetroot) but I eat them comfortably at home when I cook them.

          You should definitely give your camera a try, the pictures will look better that way 🙂

          • Exactly the same thing happened to me! My mother always prepared peas with other vegetables (rice, potatoes, carrots) in something that is neither pilaf not soup. But when I tried preparing them in my way I fell in love. 🙂
            I still haven’t found how to prepare some food in a way I will like. Broccoli for example. Or spinach.

          • Ari

            I try not to put the words “mother” and “spinach” in the same phrase, as that could go all sorts of wrong, and that’s the kind of soup I hated to bits up until a few years ago.

            If you wish, I can try to write down in English the way I make it, and you decide if you try it or not. In short, I don’t like other vegetables in it, so I blend them after they are cooked, this way I have only the spinach leaves solid in the final soup, and I also use milk, sour cream and mashed garlic at the end. Sometimes I serve it with a bit of vinegar, to give it just a tiny bit of sour taste (not my husband though, he hates vinegar). I am not sure how it sounds to you, but it really tastes great.

            As for broccoli, I never-ever boil it, I like it steamed and also steamed and then roasted in the oven, with garlic for example. That’s one of the problems I have with it cooked by others, it’s way too mushy and it lacks seasoning.

            So much food talk makes me hungry, I’ll go prepare something, LOL!

          • I think I need still more cooking therapy until I try putting spinach in a soup. 😀 So far the best combination was cannelloni with spinach and sour cream.
            Your soup sounds interesting, when you have time maybe you can write a recipe for me. 🙂 No hurry.
            I think I over steam broccoli because they always become too mushy… I’ll try to practice more. I didn’t try roasting them, that’s a nice idea.
            And bon appetit. 🙂