Book-ish Paper Cut Light Box...

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I love paper cut art – from intricate book sculptures, to simple but effective lighted boxes.

I have a beautiful box I received from my husband and so… I was just sitting, a few night ago, looking at it and I thought “This would be an amazing accessory for one of my bookstagrams”.

Then I kept thinking about a book I would pair it with, and for some reasons “Daughter of Smoke and Bone” popped up in my mind, but it didn’t fit quite well. And so an idea started to form:

What if I created one instead?

So I did just that.
I created my own lighted, paper cut “painting” based on this beautiful illustration by Jo-yumegari.

And here’s the result:

Experimenting with different back-lights:


I decided to keep the outlines, as both Karou and Akiva had complex shapes that were hard to distinguish on blank white paper.

Details, without back-light:




  • LOVELY! I will make one, too. You’ll see ud83dude0f

    • Ari

      I can’t wait to see the result!!! nI have another one planned too, not sure when I’ll get the time though 😀

  • Oh, very neat and creative as always!

    • Ari

      Thanks! it was fun and relaxing to work on it. Can’t wait to try something similar with the kid when he grows up :))

  • Wow, what talent and inspirational! I love it!