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Yes, from time to time I go with the flow too and, because there were so many people raving about this story, I thought to give it a try.

To be honest I haven’t been actually that wowed by the book, or not yet (I am near the ending, just not there, and I don’t know when I’ll be able to finish reading it), but I do understand the appeal and I like the visuals in the movie. So I will keep watching the series – and yes, I did say ‘watching’ because a series of 8 books is a lot to take in, more so when they are all probably quite lengthy (this book alone is pretty big and descriptive, which wouldn’t be bad at all if it wasn’t a bit repetitive too). Still, if I get to read some other books in this series I will let you know.

But these things doesn’t matter much anyways, I am still finding myself engrossed in this ‘phenomenon’, delighted by the Scottish influences and having lots of fun trying my terrible-terrible accent.

And who doesn’t like a time-travel story?
I know I liked a couple so far 😉

Book trailer: first half of the season 1

Book teaser: second half of the season 1


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